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The New World Order, which is quite old if I may add, is on the brink of change. This feeling that everything will soon change is clearly one of capitalisms legacies of inherent constant change and mutation. The system is able to adapt and replenish itself, just when it seems its about to falter. If you doubt it, just take a look at how it constantly re-evolves and redesigns itself… using its capital and “limitless” resources to reach new ways of working in its own benefit.

As a quick reminder, now… it looks that Goldman Sachs is going to bail out Maduro. If you are not at all upset by this, I beg you to take a look at how this banking group can still save face by supporting such an antidemocratic and oppressive regime. Clearly oppressive. A close friend of mine has become a target of the regime and fears for her family which are left back home. There is no accountability with global banking, it should at least be shunned by all of us, this behaviour is unnacceptable.

But right now there are two important shifts. With the clear lack of understanding how the state is, at the end of the day, a delicate construct of mirrors that enables it to foreshadow and bluff its power to their own population and foreign ones… the American state is under a grave threat. The Trumpians forget that the state is not a business, and its power does not emerge from their ability to create money or not, but perhaps its capacity to mediate conflict. If your state, and your leaders are incapable of being recognised as conflict alleviators or at least being able to bully their way through, then your state might be dying. I much rather have a mediating conflict state, than an aggressive one.

On the other hand, people forget that for many years, Russia was number 2 in the world, through the USSR. Yet, now the role has been clear, and if it is true that they have meddled with the US election, then their power is undeniable… as they have inserted one of the most destructive groups within the US government. At the same time, China is in a very difficult position, while supplying and supporting the North Korean regime, it is now in a very dire situation. Fuelling that proxy war with he west will not pay it well. Perhaps here, the Trumpian approach of, “make it a big mess”, might prove complicated for China and perhaps make them act clearly.

Finally, perhaps the most important of all events is the election of Macron. In my view, the opportunity of a new liberal economic and social system is a possibility in France. Let us not forget that France has not had any deep reform in the past 30 years. With all the learnings of the faults that neoliberalism or the Washington consensus have had, perhaps now France will replace it with a new, more social, yet quite economically liberal view of it. Changing labour law will prove to be a difficult task for Mr. Macron but France has no choice. Additionally, I am very much inclined to favour the French cultural depth as a way to create and foster a new world view… perhaps very ambitious of me. Maybe not new world view, but if they are able to pull through a new vision of what Europe can be, of how people can be integrated and how growth and social cohesiveness are desirable, then France will regain its world moral leadership.

I believe that Mr. Macron is uniquely poised to deliver such change. It is in all of France’s best interest that he delivers, at least partially, otherwise, the radicals will takeover France this time. It will be a very complicated endeavour. It will not be easy to negotiate with all of the different forces, at least… not without having a new global vision. If I were Macron I’d be creating a completely new vision of what the world can be, of what Europe can be. Once this is done, allies will be easier to find.

January 2020
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