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Odd times

While the world is taking a shift towards protectionism and entitlement, the hope of a new vision for mankind is not in plain sight. Many countries have decided to elect representatives that complain of other human beings, instead of looking at how they can optimise their current situations. I am a firm believer in humanity and that there are no divisions between all of us humans. We are all one same species.

In Europe, Brexit has provided a key lesson for all Eurocentric believers: the union is weak and brittle. Its like a salt cristal, the British rain disolved it. Moreover, the enacted common policies for the global refugee crisis have created enormous schisms in the overall European society. This has undermined efforts for the pan-european dream many of us share.

On the other oceans, there are some key issues to look into. The undoubtedly painful election of Donald Trump in the United States has given a blow to all of those liberals, world over. Furthermore, there are important pieces of this phenomenon that enabled hate and division, but that also break a considerable number of equilibria in the US and global system. These include, the financial elite equilibria which is now threatened by Trump and his interests, without a doubt. While on the other hand, the equilibria of different allies world over that the United States has, is now heavily questioned… and Mr. Trump hasn’t taken office yet.

Two key aspects are of interest to me. One of them has to do with the Middle East, where the Syrian crisis and the disdain with which the west has treated it. Here, will the United States align with Russia or will it continue to foster other views to undermine the power of the state of Assad. Will the cost, of stabilising the region, be the consolidation of a dictatorship in Syria vs. a bleak weak democracy?

The other aspect has to do with China. The continuous rumbling in the pacific region are key to understand what new balance could be achieved. On one hand, Japan has slowly begun consolidating its own protection forces, while on the other hand, China has become more impatient and has looked to foster its expansionist appetite to the region… from creating fake islands to expand its seas, to provocations to the Japanese government and its interests. Let us also not forget the reshuffling of Hong Kong and its liberties or political organisation.

Yet one comes to wonder, how Vladimir Putin has now erected Russia as perhaps the new world mediator. Strategically positioned as a link between the west and China, it has now the ability to create new equilibria in world politics. Furthermore, the sanctions imposed by the liberal west for Crimea, with the support of the now ill-fallen financial elite, now might be rolled back. I’ve constantly heard that Kiev, and Ukraine, is the birthplace of Russian Culture. Then again, its separation, supported by the west, is seen with very unfavourable eyes. Yet going into details on this, requires considerable study and understanding.

Mr. Trump it seems enjoys the opportunity of a clean slate. His innocence in global politics enables a new canvas for world order. In this sense, will he pursue, as it seems, a support of Russia and an ally against China? He has constantly mentioned how China is a threat economically. Yet, the west is highly dependent on China for all its global production and financial processes. Will he begin a shift towards Russia?

Then again, what will Europe do? The great European opportunity the creation of a freedom discourse of a new Europe, has been undermined by a hatred to the United Kingdom. Instead of taking in the data, that the European Union is in crisis and requires mayor surgery. Europe and the world, now more than ever require to rethink their economic model.

As a final note, these are the most exciting times of mankind. In these times are when we are able to change and redo many of the agreements and previous equilibria. We are fortunate. These crisis are a way of re-shaping our societies. We must not fall victim to them, but be grateful for the ability to push forth what we believe in. Through a deeper understanding of the issues and having key actions as society we can move forward. It is one choice… our own choice not to blame, but to be responsible for the mess we’ve created. All of us.

January 2020
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